UPDATE – Oct 2019

Green Biologics’ UK R&D team are about to enter an exciting new era. We are using the technology and significant intellectual know how we’ve developed over the past 15+ years to explore novel applications that exploit the unique capabilities of anaerobic host strains such as clostridia.

Our company name has changed to Biocleave Limited and a new website will follow soon.

Corporate Announcement

After a detailed review, the Board of Green Biologics Limited (GBL) has concluded that it is not possible to secure funding to enable it to continue with its plan to build up sales and production levels of renewable butanol and acetone at the Group’s Little Falls, Minnesota plant to the point of cash break-even. Accordingly, given this withdrawal of financial support, the Board and Managements of its subsidiary companies, Green Biologics, Inc.,  and Central Minnesota Renewables LLC have commenced an orderly closure of operations and wind-down of those corporations for and subject to any actions by their creditors.

High Performing Bio-Based Solutions are not the future.

They’re Now.

At Green Biologics, we’re uniting microbiology and chemistry to create the breakthrough sustainable ingredients used to produce high-performing consumer goods and industrial products.


There’s an ever-growing demand for products made from sustainable ingredients that deliver on performance. We’re collaborating with our customers to get these products to market faster. To accomplish this, we’re applying our innovative, patented technology that harnesses microbiology and chemistry to help customers improve performance, lower costs, reduce risk and tap into consumer trends.

Green Biologics - Proven Technology


Our acetone and n-butanol provide a platform for a variety of bio-based solutions for derivatives and consumer product development. These are renewable alternatives to conventional petrochemical-based commodities. With these products, you don’t have to sacrifice performance and higher margins for safer ingredients. In fact, our higher-purity renewable alternatives outperform conventional petrochemical commodities in certain applications.


Our 100% renewable n-butanol and acetone are used in a range of applications including specialty coatings, personal care, food, fragrance, home fuels and plastics to name a few. For the first consumer product using our renewable ingredients, we collaborated with Kingsford® to create EcoLight, a natural lighter fluid that delivers clean-burning performance without the harmful residual chemicals and impact on food taste and quality. Our products can have a similar positive impact on all the aforementioned markets.

Key Markets and Applications


Green Biologics is proud to be part of an advancing industry that is necessary for manufacturers, consumers and our planet. It’s why we continue to develop technologies to produce renewable chemicals that reduce greenhouse gases and create a sustainable value chain for a global economy.