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Our world now demands that high performance and sustainability are compatible. We’re meeting and exceeding these demands. Green Biologics has been a pioneer in bio-based specialty chemicals since 2003. Our products provide a renewable alternative to conventional petrochemical-based commodities for consumer and industrial applications. With our products, you don’t have to sacrifice performance for safer ingredients. In fact, test results are demonstrating that our renewable specialty chemicals outperform conventional petrochemical commodities in certain applications. These are the ingredients that produce a competitive advantage for our customers. These are the renewable alternatives that are good for people and our planet.

These are the building blocks of better products.


Our renewable chemicals are designed to be used in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications including:



Bio-based Esters

Flavors & Fragrances

Home Fuels Markets & Applications

Home Fuels

Cosmetics & Personal Care Markets & Applications

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Other Green Biologics Markets and Applications

Other Applications

Our International Footprint

Milton Park,  Oxford
United Kingdom

  • Head office
  • R&D centre
  • Process and strain development laboratory

Little Falls, Minnesota

  • First industrial scale manufacturing facility
  • Re-purposed ethanol plant
  • Located close to corn feedstock source

Richmond, Virginia

  • Applications and product development laboratory
  • Customer technical support
  • Located within Virginia Commonwealth
  • University biotech innovation park

Cleveland, Ohio

  • Sales and marketing office
  • Located within north-east Ohio cluster of specialty chemicals businesses

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