Affiliations & Certifications

As a socially responsible company, Green Biologics is developing technologies to produce renewable chemicals that reduce GHG emissions and create a sustainable value chain for a global economy.

We are also partnering with other leading organizations to advance green chemistry and renewable products. We believe in joining forces with individuals and organizations that share our mission for a sustainable value chain and global green economy. That is why we’ve aligned with certain partners and programs to ensure we’re remaining educated and following best practices, including:


The Green Chemistry & Commerce Council

The Green Chemistry and Commerce Council

We are a member of the GC3, an organization that promotes inter-business collaboration to discuss challenges to and opportunities for safer, more sustainable chemicals and products. The annual innovators round table provides a forum for companies to talk openly about their experiences and learn from one another.

American Chemistry Council

The American Chemistry Council

We are a member of the American Chemistry Council. We follow the guiding principles of the Responsible Care® Initiative to ensure the continuous improvement of our environmental, health, safety and security performance throughout our sites. We work with a number of stakeholders, including local communities, to establish and promote these values.

Responsible Care®

Chemistry is essential to the products and services that help make our lives safer, healthier and better. Through the Responsible Care initiative and the Responsible Care Global Charter our industry has made a worldwide commitment to improve our environmental, health, safety and security performance.


Our sustainable processes and certifications enable our customers to
launch sustainable products with the appropriate accreditations.
Green Biologics has been certified:

USDA BioPreferred

Kosher and Halal