Markets and Applications

Currently, our 100% renewable n-butanol and acetone are used in a range of applications, including specialty coatings, personal care, food, fragrance, home fuels and plastics to name a few. We collaborated with Kingsford® to create EcoLight, the first consumer product using our renewable ingredients. EcoLight is a natural lighter fluid that delivers clean-burning performance without the harmful residual chemicals and impact on food taste and quality. We’ve also partnered with a number of industry leaders to produce proven, high-performing consumer and industrial products that add considerable value to their businesses. Our products can have a similar positive impact on a variety of markets and product applications.



Bio-based Esters

Flavors & Fragrances

Home Fuels Markets & Applications

Home Fuels

Cosmetics & Personal Care Markets & Applications

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Other Green Biologics Markets and Applications

Other Applications


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