Looking for raw materials that will improve process economics, enhance your current formulas and improve your sustainability profile?

Green Biologics is a leader in providing innovative solutions for the coatings market. Our renewable, high-performance n-butanol (nC4-OL) can be used as building blocks in chemical synthesis or solvents in a number of paint and coating applications, giving you the opportunity to design high-efficiency formulations.

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Key Benefits

Less volatile, more stable pricing as compared to petroleum-based products

Higher purity enabling improved process efficiencies

Drop-in replacement requiring no Management of Change

Tailored & flexible service, including technical support, logistics, and consignment

LEEDS credits applicable

Upon spray testing many different coating formulations incorporating Green Biologics’ bio-based n-butanol, my observation was that the formulations demonstrated excellent atomization, sprayability, and film formation, and demonstrated no distinguishable difference to equivalent formulations incorporating petro n-butanol. It is my professional opinion that the product is viable regarding compatibility with existing spray equipment and application techniques, and is functionally equivalent to petro n-butanol with respect to application performance.

Chris LucyDirector of Process Engineering – ChemQuest Technology Institute

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