The effectiveness of bio n-butanol as a co-solvent

Use of bio n-butanol in a variety of common solvent-based coatings formulations was tested by Green Biologics at third-party labs. Throughout these experiments, it was shown that bio n-butanol is suitable for use in a variety of coatings formulations with no loss of performance characteristics or desired attributes. Both clear and white pigmented coatings were tested for physical properties of the coating formulation (e.g., viscosity, color, and ability to spray) as well the applied coating properties (e.g., color, hardness, scratch and chemical resistance). Bio n-butanol was shown to be appropriate as a drop-in replacement for petrochemical butanol in a myriad of coatings formulations.

Bio n-butanol has repeatedly been proven to be a high-performance ingredient, both as a co-solvent and as a building block, for coatings and coatings ingredients. Sustainable and affordable, bio n-butanol enables coating manufacturers to simultaneously formulate for performance and sustainability goals. Green Biologics bio n-butanol is a preferred choice to help address the performance, cost, and sustainment challenges faced today by coating manufacturers who currently use petroleum-based ingredients.

Upon spray testing many different coating formulations incorporating Green Biologics’ bio-based n-butanol, my observation was that the formulations demonstrated excellent atomization, sprayability, and film formation, and demonstrated no distinguishable difference to equivalent formulations incorporating petro n-butanol. It is my professional opinion that the product is viable regarding compatibility with existing spray equipment and application techniques, and is functionally equivalent to petro n-butanol with respect to application performance.

Chris LucyDirector of Process Engineering – ChemQuest Technology Institute

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