Purity equals profitability

Because biology has a much higher degree of specificity than the petroleum-based process to produce butanol, the purity and reliability of Green Biologics products is higher than competitive butanol on the market, allowing for process optimization and improved profitability.
The process we use for creating bio n-butanol, acetone and derivatives is documented and validated by multiple sources. Until we become ISO-certified, our employees are regularly trained and operate within an internal quality system and will continue training even after we become ISO-certified.

Our quality control measures ensure that when bio n-butanol arrives at a customer facility, they can have confidence that the materials meet their expectations and are of the highest quality.

Our high-performance bio n-butanol can be used as a solvent in a wide variety of paints, coatings, adhesives, and ink applications. It provides formulators the ability to create highly effective formulations with clear and colorless liquid characteristics. Our bio n-butanol has a very low water content and an improved impurity profile compared to traditional petrochemical synthetic processes, making it the feedstock of choice for their customers’ formulation coatings or synthesizing butyl-based coating intermediates.

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