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The demand for natural, organic and healthy consumer packaged goods continues to rise at a rapid rate. In fact, it may be no exaggeration to suggest that in the near future this demand could rise above the demand for mainstream products. Today’s consumers are savvy and well-informed. They want to be aligned with products and companies that are honest, eco-friendly and share their values.

Because of their increased awareness, consumers are also skeptical of product claims. They expect both performance and purity. Transparency is equally critical. Clearly explaining ingredients is a key to sales. These days, it’s almost expected to see shoppers turning over packages to read the ingredients.

We’re ready to help our customers meet this ever-growing demand for high-performing, sustainable products. Our renewable chemicals technology, experience and expertise enables us to nimbly respond in a variety of markets. Brands with the right certifications earn instant trust from consumers. Our 100% bio-based ingredients and branded products can validate this trust by delivering superior performance without the contaminants from petrochemicals.



GreenFlame® is our line of patented, clean burning, natural and sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based home fuels. Unlike petroleum-based products, GreenFlame® has less smoke, no kerosene (or distillate) odor, and will not impact taste or quality.

Our first product in the home fuels market is a clean burning charcoal lighter fluid marketed by Kingsford® under their EcoLight™ brand.

Nail Polish Remover

Our first product in the cosmetics market is an all natural acetone that is a benzene and phthalate-free nail polish remover marketed by Sally Beauty®.

The key component of this plant-derived nail polish remover is 100% renewable acetone, a bio-based chemical produced through a patented fermentation process at Green Biologics’ plant in Little Falls, Minnesota. Although sustainably-sourced, this renewable acetone is a high-performance ingredient, equally effective as conventional acetone-based removers.

Nail Polish Remover

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