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Cosmetics and Personal Care

High performance remains in high demand from consumers in the cosmetics and personal care market. However, purity, safety, transparency and sustainability are now equally critical drivers. Customers want natural ingredients and they are more informed about them. We can deliver on this demand. Our first product in this space was an all-natural, benzene and phthalate free nail polish remover marketed by Sally Beauty®. We have the capabilities to provide customized testing and technical assistance for agile new product development.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Applications

No benzene, phenol, phthalates, or carcinogenic aromatic impurities; VOC exempt; gluten and paraben free; fragrance and dye free

Less volatile, more stable pricing compared to petroleum-based products

Higher purity ingredients without having to sacrifice performance

Drop-in replacement requiring no Management of Change

Tailored & flexible service, including technical support, logistics, and consignment

Our first product is an all natural, benzene and phthalate-free nail polish remover marketed by Sally Beauty®.

The key component of this plant-derived nail polish remover is 100% renewable acetone, a bio-based chemical produced through a patented fermentation process at Green Biologics’ plant in Little Falls, Minnesota. Although sustainably-sourced, this renewable acetone is a high-performance ingredient, equally effective as conventional acetone-based removers.

Green Biologics Natural Nail Polish Remover
Cosmetics and Personal Care

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Cosmetics & Personal Care Market Overview

Acetone for
Personal Care

Marianna Industries has recently launched a commercialization initiative with Green Biologics... to reposition acetone, typically a commodity in the marketplace, into a premium consumer beauty product. Green Biologics Acetone is the only 100% renewable acetone on the market that is safer for consumers and the earth.

Jason LumsdenMarianna Industries Chief Commercial Officer