Home Fuels

We’ve already met the challenge to produce bio-based lighter fluids that perform as well as petroleum-based products. As consumer demand for these sustainable alternatives continues to grow, we remain committed to creating a platform of home fuels that are good for the market and our planet.

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GreenFlame® is our line of patented, clean burning, natural and sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based home fuels. Unlike petroleum-based products, GreenFlame® has less smoke, no kerosene (or distillate) odor, and will not impact taste or quality.

Our first product is a clean burning charcoal lighter fluid marketed by Kingsford® under their EcoLight brand.

Working with Green Biologics to introduce EcoLight lighter fluid was a logical addition to our existing line, showcasing Kingsford’s® commitment to launching products consistent with evolving consumer trends.

Lauren KahnDirector of Marketing at Kingsford®