GreenFlame Heats Up Ahead of Grilling Season

 High-performance, green charcoal lighter fluid secures additional retail commitments and receives pitmaster recognition at premier industry event

Ashland, Virginia and Abingdon, Oxfordshire U.K. (April 11, 2017) – Green Biologics, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Green Biologics Ltd., a U.K. industrial biotechnology and renewable specialty chemicals company, announced today growing retail interest in and positive industry reception for GreenFlameTM, a USDA BioPreferred® certified, natural, clean burning fuel. Since its launch earlier this year, the product has garnered multiple retail commitments, including Kroger, Safeway and Bristol Farms, and received high praise at the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Expo (HPBExpo), an industry-leading event for the grilling and outdoors industries that brings together everyone from novice grillers to award-winning pitmasters.

“We’re very excited about this product, but it’s even more thrilling to see such enthusiasm from the industry, retailers and consumers,” said David Anderson, Global Vice President of Marketing for Green Biologics. “It’s very clear from the interest we’ve received in just a few months that there was a real desire for a product like ours. Consumers are becoming increasingly sustainability-minded, but don’t want to make sacrifices in the performance of their products. With GreenFlameTM, barbecuers can achieve all of the same, if not better, performance and taste benefits without the harmful environmental impact, and that is really resonating with shoppers.”

Announced in January, the product is currently rolling out across the country through Kroger, the largest grocery retailer by revenue in the United States. In response to growing consumer demand for green products, other retailers have signed commitments to sell GreenFlameTM on their shelves, including Albertsons’ subsidiary, Safeway, which started offering the product in its 275 Northern California stores last month, and Bristol Farms, an upscale grocery store in Southern California specializing in gourmet, organic and natural foods, which will begin offering the product this month.

Recently, GreenFlameTM was showcased at HPBExpo, the official grilling event of the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA), the North American industry organization for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, representatives, service firms, and allied associates for all types of barbecue, patio and hearth appliances, fuels, and accessories. The product was demonstrated to the 6,000 individuals in attendance, with more than 1,000 people taste testing burger samples made using the lighter fluid. Resulting feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with a large majority of testers claiming the burger samples made using GreenFlameTM tasted noticeably better than those grilled with traditional lighter fluid.

Among the testers was three-time world champion pitmaster, Loren Hill. Hill was one of three Kansas City Barbeque Society champion pitmasters judging the show’s annual barbecue cook-off, and among the two out of three judges to name GreenFlameTM a top product at the show.

“I had a chance to use GreenFlameTM at a demonstration earlier this month at The Kansas City BBQ Store,” said Hill. “It definitely met and exceeded my expectations.”

To learn more about GreenFlameTM, visit the newly launched website at