Proven Technology

There’s an ever-growing demand for products made from sustainable ingredients. We’re collaborating with our customers to get these products to market faster. To accomplish this, we’re applying our innovative, patented technology that harnesses microbiology and chemistry to help customers improve performance, lower costs, reduce risk and tap into consumer trends.

Marketable Microbiology

Our exclusive technology empowers us to deliver the bio-based products our customers and their markets demand. And with our resources, we’ve already proven we can provide a reliable supply that’s more than commercially viable.

Green Biologics Marketable Microbiology
Green Biologics' Proprietary Process

Our Proprietary Process

At our plant in Little Falls, Minnesota, we’re applying our pioneering technology in microbiology and chemistry to create ingredients for innovative, bio-based products. The platform combines advanced fermentation with proprietary Clostridium microbial biocatalysts and synthetic chemistry. Our capacity enables us to seamlessly meet an ever-growing demand for high-performing, sustainable ingredients that will help our customers thrive in a variety of industries.

Product Development

At Green Biologics, product development is of the highest priority because it is critical to our customers’ success. We’re in an industry that is growing and advancing rapidly, why is exactly why our chemists and microbiologists are working every day to create more bio-based breakthrough ingredients.

Production Process

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