Other Applications

Household, Industrial & Institutional Products (HI&I)

Regardless of the market, the global demand for high-performing bio-based solutions is significant and growing. We have the staff and technical capabilities to meet these demands, and we’re poised to evolve with an ever-changing world.

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Other Applications

Industrial Applications

A wide range of industrial markets are demanding more sustainable materials and processes to enhance performance whilst reducing their environmental footprint. Our renewable n-butanol is used in a wide range of industrial applications, from automotive and aerospace brake fluids and specialty hydraulic fluids, to metal can lubricants, textile swelling agents, ore flotation agents and fire retardants. Our first product in this market is acetyl tributyl citrate (ATBC) a non-toxic biodegradable plasticizer that has been commercialized by Jungbunzlauer for use in toys, consumer and healthcare products.

Key Benefits

Less volatile, more stable pricing as compared to petroleum-based products

Higher purity enabling improved process efficiencies

Drop-in replacement requiring no Management of Change

Tailored & flexible service, including technical support, logistics, and consignment

LEEDS credits applicable

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Market Overview

n-butanol for Plasticizers

Going Back to Bio-Based Ingredients

Green Biologics advanced develoment in fermentation has given us the ability to push solvent-based textile cleaning into a new level and complete the picture of unparalleled cleaning, cost effective operations, extremely low risk and true ecological benefits.

Richard Fitzpatrick, VPKreussler Inc.