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The key to our product development: Collaboration

Green Biologics has been a pioneer in producing bio-based specialty chemicals since 2003. At our $100 million plant in Little Falls, Minnesota, we’re equipped to commercialize our proprietary high-productivity fermentation platform. It uses natural ingredients as the feedstock to produce high-purity, USDA Certified BioPreferred® acetone and n-butanol.

In close collaboration with our customers, our product development team in Richmond, Virginia uses these formulations to produce 100% renewable alternatives to conventional petrochemical-based commodities for consumer and industrial applications.

These new products don’t sacrifice performance for safer ingredients. In fact, early test results are demonstrating that our renewable alternatives outperform conventional petro-chemical commodities in certain applications. Working with our customers, we are also proving that these drop-in replacements for petrochemicals can be cost competitive, too.

With more companies striving to meet sustainable development and procurement goals, we can deliver building block ingredients that can help them achieve their goals. With end-consumer demand for transparency and safety, we’re able to produce high performing natural product lines that can create a competitive business advantage. And with our high-touch technical support, we’re can help our customers get these high-performance, sustainable products to market faster and easier.

Our Product Development Capabilities

Bio-Based Synthetic Transformations and Purifications

  • Focus on sourcing completely bio-based ingredients for high-performance derivatives
  • Experts on esterifications, etherifications, and formation of ketals
  • Microscale to small batch proof-of-concept scale reactions
  • Laboratory to production scale-up experience
  • Atmospheric and vacuum distillation capabilities
  • Filtration, absorption, and chromatographic purification

Advanced Analytics

  • Shimadzu GCMS with NSF Mass Spectrum Library for trace analysis
  • Shimadzu GC FID for sample purity analysis
  • Brookfield Viscometer for rheology analysis
  • Metrohm Karl-Fisher Autotitrator for trace water analysis
  • Shimadzu UV/vis and Lovibond Spectrophotomers for color analysis

Formulation development including testing and benchmarking

  • Fuel formulations – focus on consumer nonautomotive fuels
  • Coating treatment and remover formulations – all-natural solvents and blends for human use
  • Lotion and body cream formulations – bio-based ingredients as emollients and humectants
  • Flavors and fragrances formulations – creation of specific fragrance notes, fragrance carriers, and odor attenuators
  • Coatings and Adhesives formulations – robust collaboration with an industry-leader for coatings and coatings ingredient synthesis, formulation, and performance testing

Attentive Customer Support

  • Starting Point Formulations – Prior experience and robust collaborations allow us to provide customers with starting point formulations that maximize bio-based content
  • Hands-on Brainstorming – Our laboratory staff is experienced with working alongside our customers on the lab bench to create novel product concepts leveraging all-natural ingredients
  • Troubleshooting – Trace analytics expertise combined with synthetic and formulation know-how allow us to assist customers at all stages of their product development and production when both expected and unexpected issues arise

Working with Green Biologics to introduce EcoLight lighter fluid was a logical addition to our existing line, showcasing Kingsford’s® commitment to launching products consistent with evolving consumer trends.

Lauren KahnDirector of Marketing at Kingsford®

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Our Product Development Team

Based in Richmond, VA

Lee Colyer Speight, PhD.

Joseph S. Clements II, PhD

James W. Fortner

M. Connor McLear

Director of Product Development

Product Development Chemist

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Laboratory Chemist

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