The key to our product development: Collaboration

At Green Biologics, our goal is to improve performance while providing financial stability, quality, consistency, sustainability, and other benefits that our customers desire and demand.

The research and development needed to reach these performance goals is a key reason why Green Biologics provides a collaborative and customized approach to technical issues faced by our customers. While the environmental, safety,and health benefits of bio-based ingredients are important, they aren’t always enough on their own to warrant moving away from petroleum-based products.

Our technical service capabilities include a team of specialized experts and other resources from our Richmond, VA facility. This fully equipped lab sometimes functions as an extension of the customer’s lab, offering testing capabilities and other services to help customers obtain the needed data, benchmarking, and technical expertise in coatings for development of new products. In some cases, our Richmond facility helps customers identify and solve problems in existing products and processes. In other cases, we offer sampling and testing for their new products. Each customer has a unique set of challenges, so a one-size-fits-all approach to customer solutions does not work. We see customer service as a partnership, and our goal is to not just provide similar product results, but better overall performance.

Our Product Development Capabilities

Bio-Based Synthetic Transformations and Purifications

  • Focus on sourcing completely bio-based ingredients for high-performance derivatives
  • Experts on esterifications, etherifications, and formation of ketals
  • Microscale to small batch proof-of-concept scale reactions
  • Laboratory to production scale-up experience
  • Atmospheric and vacuum distillation capabilities
  • Filtration, absorption, and chromatographic purification

Advanced Analytics

  • Shimadzu GCMS with NSF Mass Spectrum Library for trace analysis
  • Shimadzu GC FID for sample purity analysis
  • Brookfield Viscometer for rheology analysis
  • Metrohm Karl-Fisher Autotitrator for trace water analysis
  • Shimadzu UV/vis and Lovibond Spectrophotomers for color analysis

Formulation development including testing and benchmarking

  • Fuel formulations – focus on consumer nonautomotive fuels
  • Coating treatment and remover formulations – all-natural solvents and blends for human use
  • Lotion and body cream formulations – bio-based ingredients as emollients and humectants
  • Flavors and fragrances formulations – creation of specific fragrance notes, fragrance carriers, and odor attenuators
  • Coatings and Adhesives formulations – robust collaboration with an industry-leader for coatings and coatings ingredient synthesis, formulation, and performance testing

Attentive Customer Support

  • Starting Point Formulations – Prior experience and robust collaborations allow us to provide customers with starting point formulations that maximize bio-based content
  • Hands-on Brainstorming – Our laboratory staff is experienced with working alongside our customers on the lab bench to create novel product concepts leveraging all-natural ingredients
  • Troubleshooting – Trace analytics expertise combined with synthetic and formulation know-how allow us to assist customers at all stages of their product development and production when both expected and unexpected issues arise

Our Product Development Team

Based in Richmond, VA

Lee Colyer Speight, PhD.

Joseph S. Clements II, PhD

James W. Fortner

M. Connor McLear

Director of Product Development

Product Development Chemist

Product Development Manager

Laboratory Chemist

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