Green Biologics is proud to be part of an advancing industry that is necessary for manufacturers, consumers and our planet. It’s why we will continue to develop technologies to produce renewable chemicals that reduce greenhouse gases and create a sustainable value chain for a global economy.

So why does sustainability matter?

Green products are expected to grow at a much faster pace than standard consumer product goods, with a premium price point. Trends show consumers desire to be associated with companies that have values and stand for something. Millennials, in particular, are a growing group of spenders who favor products marketed as ethical, sustainable or environmentally friendly. The statistics are numerous, but the bottom line is “green” is growing, and we are here to support the evolution towards a more sustainable economy in the years to come.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Study

A cradle to gate GHG assessment was carried out in 2016 to UK standard PAS2050:2011. The study covered the production of bio-n-butanol from corn at Green Biologics’ production facility in Minnesota, USA.

Green BIologics Technology

Renewable Feedstock

Green Biologics’ C3-ONE (Renewable Acetone), branded as GB-C3ONE, has been independently tested and verified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis, conducted by Eurofins GeneScan to be completely free of recombinant DNA. In addition, we can verify that the microorganisms we use in the production of GB-C3ONE have NOT been genetically modified by Green Biologics Ltd.  The organisms are derived from traditional natural selection techniques.  All biologically derived processing aids/inputs used in the corn conversion process and to provide nutrition to fermentation in the manufacture of Green Biologics solvents are GRAS/Kosher/Halal approved.  Green Biologics solvents derived from fermentation including the use of biological processing aids, corn and inputs that use modern means of biotechnology for improved performance have been verified by PCR to be free of recombinant DNA in the final product distillate.

Is there an alternative to fossil fuels? Watch the video

Is there an alternative to fossil fuels?

Green Biologics are a renewable chemicals company who are not only changing the face of renewable chemicals, but are changing the world while they are at it. Dr Liz Jenkinson is one of the lead researchers at the company, and it is her work that is providing the answer to the question: is there an alternative to fossil fuels? Her work proves that the answer is yes, and that it only relies on three key components – bacteria, genetic engineering and sugar.

Certifications and Credentials

Responsible Care Our Commitment to Sustainability
Green Chemistry and Commerce Council
American Chemistry Council
USDA Certified Biobased Product 100%
2018 Global Cleantech Top 100 Company

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