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Our acetone and n-butanol are the platform for an expanding range of bio-based derivatives and future new products. Currently, we’re providing our customers with a variety of high-performing, sustainable solutions in a number of markets, including personal care, home fuels, specialty coatings and household chemicals. We’re ready to collaborate with customers to capitalize on the untapped opportunities that specialty chemicals bring. With our technology and product development capabilities, we’re uniquely equipped to produce more performance-driven solutions for our customers.

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We recognized that the month-to-month volatility of raw material pricing can have a profound effect on your bottom line and make it virtually impossible for you to plan and manage your budgets. That’s why we developed Pricelock, a risk management solution to help eliminate the volatility of key raw material pricing and allows you to lock-in raw material costs and start pricing products to dictate—rather than chase—product margins.

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